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Thanks for stopping by, my name is Will Haimerl and this course is all about creating and selling engraved products using Facebook™ ads! I've been doing this for a long time and can't wait to show you everything I know. Over the years I've trained well over 10,000 online marketers through my PPC Coach site. You won't be disappointed with this course.

About This Site

Engraving Profits came about because selling products on Facebook™ is getting to be very competitive and expensive.  Ad costs are rising.  So to counter this we have to sell products that can have a higher profit margin.  That's where engraving comes in.

Personalization = More Revenue For You

When you can offer that customization and personalization to a product it commands a higher price point.  That translates into higher profit margins and makes Facebook™ ads profitable again!

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  • Go back through and follow each step pausing each video as you go


I'm not kidding when I say I stand behind my course 150%.  To prove it, I want you join my Free PPC Coach Facebook Group right now and ask any questions you want about the course before you buy it!  There are currently over 5,500 members in that group and we love selling products on Facebook™.  Go there, join it and ask away.  I'm going to use that group to support this course too.  So if you have any questions AFTER buying, go there and ask away.  I'm in the group daily and can't wait to help you out!


This is the real deal.  One of the things most people never talk about is mindset.  I do though. I know that whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right!  That's why the grey matter between our ears is VITAL to our success.  Sometimes our brains play tricks on us and tell use we can't do things.  We have to train our brain to "knock it off" and let us get what we want in life.  That's the purpose of this course.  I want it to change your life.  If you've been struggling online or are a complete beginner, this course is the answer.  Go ahead and get your copy now!

Yes we do have a 30 day refund policy but here's the thing, you have to show us that you took action before we will issue a refund.  This is not theory, this is stuff done successfully by lots of people daily.  So take your time, go through the course but most importantly take action!  If you do that and setup at minimum 10 products with a Facebook™ ad campaign attached to each one and show us that you did, then and only then will we issue a refund.  If this policy bothers you then please do NOT purchase this course.  (We also know it says "no questions asked" but this is the amendment to that since we cannot edit that part of this sales page due to system limitations)  :)

SECTION 1: Introduction

Lesson 1:

Introduction & On Boarding


Lesson 2:



Lesson 3:

System Outlined

SECTION 2: Preparation

Lesson 4:

Pick A Niche


Lesson 5:

Pick A Store Name & Buy The Domain


Lesson 6:

Create An Email Account


Lesson 7:

Create A Shopify Store


Lesson 8:

Installing Your Theme


Lesson 9:

Connecting Your Domain To Your Store


Lesson 10:

Installing The Shineon App


Lesson 11:

Installing The Better Shipping App


Lesson 12:

Installing Recart


Lesson 13:

Installing Your Facebook Pixel Code


Lesson 14:

Creating A Business Manager Account


Lesson 15:

Creating A Facebook Page


Lesson 16:

Creating A Facebook Ad Account


Lesson 17:

Posting Content To Your Page


Lesson 18:

Getting People To Like Your Page

SECTION 3: Research

Lesson 19:

Snagit And Your Idea Folder


Lesson 20:

Pinterest Research


Lesson 21:

Google Images Research


Lesson 22:

Facebook Research


Lesson 23:

Amazon Research


Lesson 24:

Etsy Research


Lesson 25:

Offline Research

Engraving Profits

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